The Concept

Looking at the environment today’s children are growing up in, the pollution, contaminated food, fruits, and complete isolation from nature we had a dream of starting a project that would address all of these issues. While the western world has already started to reject GMO and the likes and is now coming back to organic food, we sadly see Bangladesh starting to adopt the same GMO and other “high yield” technology that the western world is rejecting. We plan on starting a movement for fresh, non-contaminated and organic food in Bangladesh so that our children, grandchildren and future generations can grow up healthier.

At the same time, Dhaka Dwellers suffer from a serious isolation from nature. We sadly see our children grow up in rock and concrete, missing out on the much needed “nature” in their life. We plan to design our facility in a manner that will allow today’s generation to have a touch of nature in their life and learn about how their everyday food is produced.

On the long run, Krishibari Resort visions itself on a broader perspective towards serving its members and general public by offering well maintained facilities for family day out in the nature and the source for pure, non-contaminated, organic healthy food.

28 Aug 2015

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